In this appointment, we will meet to discuss your goals and how they can be achieved. After this 30 minute appointment a brow shape will be determined, the exact colour will be chosen as well as the blade size that will be used. You will feel satisfied and confident after the consultation to go ahead with this semi- permanent procedure.

After consultation a topical numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow region. Once the shape, colour and blade size is determined and approved by the client that is when the microblading begins.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently and results can vary.
For this reason I include a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks after your treatment to touch-up any faded areas and fine tune the results to make sure you are happy with your new look.

Once you’ve been microbladed, there’s very little maintenance involved. A brief touch-up once a year will keep you looking your best. Taking care of your eyebrows in their healing phase will determine how fast you need additional touch ups.


Full Set Application
Natural-looking lash extensions should feel and look weightless. Using the latest permanent lash technology, an advanced single strand application technique I apply lashes to each individual lash. Using medical grade A adhesive and the highest quality of synthetic mink. Working on unlimited count the appointment is not finished until every single lash is extended. You shed around 3 lashes daily therefore after 3 weeks time you will need a fill.

Half- Set Application
This is the exact same process as a full set however, lash extensions are applied to every other lash. This creates a softer and more natural look. Fills tend to be every 2 weeks for half set because there are fewer lashes they will disappear faster.

Fills are considered 40% of lash retention and generally take much less time to complete. In this appointment I fill any lashes that have shed and new growth.


Using a tint and perm solution specifically formulated for use around the eyes, this treatment will leave your lashes looking long and strong. This treatment is perfect for clients who want a low maintenance option for longer lashes. It works well with clients who already have long healthy lashes, this will accentuate your eyes and make your morning routine faster.

Not everyone requires a tint.  Clients who have fair eyelashes are the ones who benefit most from tinting. The tint colour is black unless otherwise requested.